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Museene for kystkultur og gjenreisning i Finnmark IKS
(The museums for coastal heritage and reconstruction of Finnmark) is a museum organization which consists of five coastal museums in Norway’s northernmost province, Finnmark.
It is formally established as a non-profit company. Participating museums are Måsøy Museum, The Museum of Reconstruction for Finnmark and Northern Troms in Hammerfest, The North Cape Museum in Honningsvåg, Gamvik Museum and Berlevåg Harbour Museum.
In 2006 the five museums were established as one joint group, organized as a firm with the administration centre in Honningsvåg.

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Welcome to Nordkappmuseet

Nordkappmus lite

Nordkappmuseet is a smaller museum which presents Arctic fisheries and aspects of everyday life on the outer coast of Finnmark county, as well as the local history of the North Cape area. The museum is located by the harbour in the centre of Honningsvåg.

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