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    The museums for coastal heritage and reconstruction of Finnmark is a museum organization which consists of six coastal museums in Norway’s northernmost province, Finnmark. Participating museums are Måsøy Museum, The Museum of Reconstruction for Finnmark and Northern Troms in Hammerfest, The North Cape Museum in Honningsvåg, Gamvik Museum, Berlevåg Harbour Museum and Foldalbruket in Kjøllefjord. The museums are established as one joint group, organized as a firm with the administration centre in Honningsvåg.

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    The North Cape Museum in Honningsvåg has moved into its new location and reopened with its new exhibitions June 2017.


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    The World of John Savio

    This summer, the North Cape Museum is proud to present the special exhibition “The World of John Savio”. It showcases the work of one of the most influential Sami artists from Norway and will be on display from the 1st of June until the 28th of September 2014.

    The exhibition is on loan from the Savio Museum in Kirkenes.


    Picture: “Alone” (woodcut)

  • Johan Abrahamsson och Sofia Renfjäll, Rans Sameby.

    Exhibition "Åtte årstider" (Eight Seasons) in Hammerfest

    The photographer Torbjørn Jakobsson at Vesterbottens Kurieren in Umeå has followed a young family of reindeer herders for a full year. Through the slaughter of animals in the autumn, moving of the herd across land in winter and the branding of new calves come spring, we are given a unique insight into a culture and lifestyle that few are familiar with.

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    Summer exhibition ”Nordlandreise” in Honningsvåg, 8.6.-28.9.

    The travelling exhibition from Kiel Maritime Museum in Germany will be displayed for the first time in Norway at Nordkappmuseet in Honningsvåg. Opning June, 8th.

    The wide-ranging exhibition invites visitors to join a fascinating journey through time covering 150 years of German tourists in Norway. All the information is also available in English.