Hopp til hovedmenyen på siden Hopp til hovedinnholdet på siden
  • Stengt

    Alle museene holder stengt /all museums are closed

    Vi følger myndighetenes oppfordring om å stenge alle offentlige bygg for besøkende. Dette betyr at museenes publikumsarealer og kafé holder stengt på ubestemt tid til situasjonen er avklart.

    In order to follow the request by the government whereas all public buildings shall be closed for visitors, the museum will remain closed for an undefined period of time.

    Das museum wird auf Aufforderung norwegischer Behörden, wonach alle öffentlich zugänglichen Gebäude geschlossen werden sollen, bis auf weiteres für Besucher geschlossen bleiben

  • Berlevåg Havnemuseet001

    Welcome to Berlevåg Harbour Museum!

    Berlevåg Harbour Museum is a charming institution officially opened in June 1988. It is located on the area earlier possessed by what today are named "The Norwegian Coastal Administration". 

    Opening hours:

    In summer from 15th of june - 15th of august

    Mon-fri: 10am-6pm.  Sat - sun: 11am-4pm

    In the winter season:

    Mon-fri: 10am-3pm.  Sat-sun: closed

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    About the Museum

    The building of the breakwaters has been an extensive project in the history of Berlevåg, starting in 1913. A railway was constructed to transport stone from the quarry. Around 1960 the tetrapods were adopted providing strong breakwaters for protection of the harbour in Berlevåg. A tetrapod is a four-legged concrete structure used as armour unit on breakwaters. The tetrapod's shape is designed to dissipate the force of incoming waves.