TeacMem – Developing Competences-orientated Teaching In Historical Memories. The period of National Socialism, Holocaust and German occupation of most of Europe appears not only to be an issue of science. It also shapes the culture of memento in many European countries. A strong progress of change in theme and manner of memory can be observed as a result of lessening of contemporary witnesses. The project „Developing Competence-Orientated Teaching on Historical Memories“ („TeacMem”) seizes on this topic. Over a period of 3 years the project is subsidised by The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) with 300.000 Euro. The focus is on the complex of German-Scandinavian history during World War II, the occupation of Denmark and Norway, the imprisonment of thousands of Scandinavians in German concentration camps and their rescue by the „White busses“. Academics and educators research on the culture of memento in Germany, Norway and Denmark, in order to develop new concepts and material for the conveyance of historical knowledge. Reference- Nr. 504689-LLP-1-2009 1-DE-COMENIUS-CMP Contact: North Cape Museum, Honningsvåg, Luitgard Sofie Löw, Phd Museum of reconstruction of Finnmark and Nord-Troms, Hammerfest, Nina Plating Mølman Partners: P1: Universität Hamburg (DE) P2: Landesinstitut für Lehrerbildung und Schulentwicklung, Hamburg (DE) P3: Gymnasium Rahlstedt, Hamburg (DE) P4: Emilie-Wüstenfeld-Gymnasium, Hamburg (DE) P5: KZ-Gedenkstätte Neuengamme, Hamburg (DE) P6: Nordkapp Maritime Fagskole og Videregående Skole, Honningsvåg (NO) P7: U. Pihl Videregående Skole, Bergen (NO) P8: Museene for kystkultur og gjenreisning, Honningsvag (NO) P9: Blaagard KDAS/University College, Blaagard/Copenhagen (DK) P10: Museum Vest; Dep. Nordsjøfartsmuseet, Bergen (NO) P11: Senter for Studier av Holocaust og livssynsminoriteter, Oslo (NO)