Hopp til hovedmenyen på siden Hopp til hovedinnholdet på siden
  • Stengt

    Alle museene holder stengt /all museums are closed

    Vi følger myndighetenes oppfordring om å stenge alle offentlige bygg for besøkende. Dette betyr at museenes publikumsarealer og kafé holder stengt på ubestemt tid til situasjonen er avklart.

    In order to follow the request by the government whereas all public buildings shall be closed for visitors, the museum will remain closed for an undefined period of time.

    Das museum wird auf Aufforderung norwegischer Behörden, wonach alle öffentlich zugänglichen Gebäude geschlossen werden sollen, bis auf weiteres für Besucher geschlossen bleiben

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    Slab lined pits in Måsøy municipalty

    A total of 88 slab-lined pits have so far been registered in the municipality of Måsøy. Slab-line pits are oval or rectangular pits, where the pit walls and floor are aligned with stone slabs. The pits were used for the extraction of oil from the blubber of marine mammals.

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    A Viking sword from the Island of Ingøy

    When building a house on the island of Ingøy in the 1950’s, Karsten Eliasen uncovered a sword from the Viking age.  The sword was then handed over to Tromsø Museum. It has been classified as sword type H in the Peterson typology over Viking age-swords, which dates to between 800-950 CE

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    Welcome to Havøysund

    Welcome to Måsøy museum! You will find us near the church in Havøysund.