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Thorvald taler

Kulturdugnad Gamvik

Every summer in the end of July, locals, invited artists and tourists meet in Gamvik for a few hectic days full of exhibitions, concerts, courses and debates.

slettnes fyr

Slettnes lighthouse 71°05`33”N

The continent´s northernmost lighthouse is situated a few kilometers north of Gamvik. From the tower, one has fantastic views of sea, plain and mountains. The lighthouse is protected by the cultural heritage act, and is situated in a nature reserve famous amongst bird-watchers and other wildlife enthusiasts. The area is rich in cultural heritage, dating from the Stone Age to the post war era.

Open to visitors at 11.00 to 18.00 every day in the summer season.

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lur fisker

The Mehamn Rebellion 1903

Fishing has been poor for yet another season. As the fishermen’s frustrations are directed against the whaling station, a violent incident that will change the political history of the country takes place.